Mountain Experiences

Experience the pure energy of the Alpine mountains with our Mountain Experiences.

Tyrolean Speik Cleanse
This soap foam massage is excellent for stimulating the circulation. Speik is a strongly aromatic medical plant, which has a soothing and nurturing effect on the skin.
30 minutes - EUR 42 

This can also be combined with an Enzymatic Healing
Mud in the serail bath.
45 minutes - EUR 70 

Mountain Salt Therapy
Whether it is sea salt or rock salt, salt has a great anti-infl ammatory and detoxifying effect on the muscles. Relax in the salt pool and salt stone sauna, and if you wish to enhance your experience simply add one of the following treatments.
Salt Scrub 20 minutes - EUR 38 
Salt Wrap 30 minutes - EUR 45 
Draining Leg Massage 30 minutes - EUR 55 

Alpine Skin Care
Give your skin a treat. Receive an aromatic massage using locally sourced goat butter before being wrapped in our cocooning holistic bed. Perfect for everyone with sensitive or dry skin.
50 minutes - EUR 75 

Tyrolean Stone Oil Bath
Soak in a restorative mineral oil bath for the relief of back ache, skin irritations and rheumatic joint problems.
20 minutes - EUR 40 



Alpine Vitality Bath
This herbal alpine spa vitality bath leaves you feeling rejuvenated and invigorated.
20 minutes - EUR 40 

For a total cleanse, combine it with a herbal alpine exfoliation.
40 minutes - EUR 75 

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