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Facial Treatments

The skin must breathe so it can radiate with perfect beauty!

Spring Face - Detoxing     
Valmont Peaks of Purity
Combination and oily skins require particular attention. This facial targets areas which are unbalanced; cleansing and purifying
the skin while continuing to treat the signs of ageing.
80 minutes 160 EUR

Summer Face - Balancing     
Valmont Princess Pan Dei
Whether you were sunbathing or on the slopes, this treatment will help to erase the undesirable effects of UV rays on your skin.
100% natural collagen mask balances, soothes and deeply regenerates fragile skin on the face and décolleté.
80 minutes 160 EUR

Autumn Face - Relaxing     
Valmont Peaks of Firmness
This is a brilliant anti-wrinkle and firming treatment. The facial comprises Intensive cellular lift treatment, lifting massage and
a collagen facial mask; allowing your skin to reach the heights it deserves!
80 minutes 160 EUR

Winter Face - Energizing     
Valmont Vitality of the Glaciers
This highly technical facial reinvents the skin using an intensive cellular complex vitality treatment, which offers superb rejuvenation. The face is left refreshed, smooth and oxygenated… as if after a hike on a glacier.
80 minutes 160 EUR

Additional Facials

Classic Facial
This customised treatment includes skin analysis, cleansing, a facial peel, a mask and finishes with a skin hydration.
60 minutes 120 EUR

Men’s Facial
Take a moment to indulge in a facial, tailored specially for men. Enjoy this refreshing experience as your skin is deeply cleansed, exfoliated and nourished.
75 minutes 130 EUR

Express Facial
The perfect facial for the guest ‘on the go’. A cleanse and powerful serum reveals instant radiance.
30 minutes 70 EUR

Valmont Collagen Mask
A treatment to brighten including a skin cleanse and a pure collagen mask, giving an immediate ‘wow’ effect.
45 minutes 90 EUR