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Couple Package - Private Spa Suites

Take your time as a couple and relax in a private atmosphere in one of our three Private Spa Suites.

Crystal Spa Premium

Swim in the infinity pool before receiving a cleansing soap foam massage, preparing you for a refreshing lavender balm body wrap in the Serail Bath. Includes fruit plate and two glasses of champagne.
120 minutes 410 EUR per Couple



Pearl Spa Deluxe

Inside the Pearl Spa Suite you and your partner will receive a body scrub, and a massage with a locally made honey, yoghurt and lemon balm. Soak in a luxury bath of goat’s milk, honey and rose while we serve you with a fruit plate and two fruit cocktails.
180 minutes 490 EUR per Couple



Kitz Spa Extravaganza

An Alpine Herbal bath for two followed by our Mountain Rock Crystal massage using a stimulating mixture of hot and cold stones and crystals. This is followed by a refreshing body mask that stays on the skin during your Serail Steam Bath. To complete your experience, you will receive a traditional Tyrolean food platter and two refreshing herbal cocktails.
180 minutes 510 EUR per Couple