Experience a feeling of relaxation and inner balance with massage treatments that stimulate the circulation.

The four seasonal massages include the following:

1.     Spring In Your Step – Detoxing
2.     Summer Bliss – Balancing
3.     Autumn Sleep – Relaxing
4.     Winter Warmer - Energizing

Spring In Your Step - Detoxing

This is a detoxifying and uplifting
massage that works on the lymphatic
system, thus helping to eliminate
toxins from the body. This therapeutic
treatment commences with a dry
body brushing designed to awaken
a lethargic system.
90 minutes - EUR 150 



Summer Bliss - Balancing

The Summer Bliss massage is based
on soothing strokes. The body will be
cooled, calmed and soothed with the
use of refreshing Aloe Vera and
cucumber and cool stones on both the
face and décolleté will bring balance
to the whole body.
90 minutes - EUR 150 



Autumn Sleep - Relaxing

This nurturing, aromatherapy massage
focuses on achieving deep levels of
relaxation. The massage includes a
therapeutic head massage that works
on cranial pressure points to alleviate
signs of stress to help you to unwind.
90 minutes - EUR 150 



Winter Warmer - Energizing

This classic deep tissue massage is
both energizing and nourishing and
is specifically designed to focus on
painful joints or stiffness in the body
as required. This therapeutic body
treatment includes a warming shea
and mango butter foot balm.
90 minutes - EUR 150 

Additional Massages

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
40 minutes - EUR 80 

Sports Massage
50 minutes - EUR 98 

Classic Massage
60 minutes - EUR 115 

Foot Reflex Massage
40 minutes - EUR 80 

To make a reservation, please contact us on T +43 5355 50100 1700 or by email to spa.tirol@kempinski.com