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Bathing Rituals

Bathing rituals that originate from the traditional spa culture.

Hildegard von Bingen Ritual
A treatment combining finely ground crystals, herbal compresses, and a steam bath. Your skin becomes incomparably soft and velvet like.
30 Minutes Single 50 EUR 2 people 75 EUR

Serail Bath Ritual
Curative mud opens the pores and deeply cleans the skin through cozy warmth.
The ritual finishes with a warm oil rub.
45 Minutes Single 60 EUR 2 people 90 EUR

Tyrolean Mineral Oil Bath
Restorative mineral oil is for the relief of back and joint problems, rheumatism, and skin irritations.
20 Minutes 40 EUR

Alpine Vitality Bath
Regenerate and invigorate your body, mind, and soul with the alpine spa vitality bath.
20 Minutes 40 EUR