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Events in the Kitzbuehel Alps

Kitzbühel is famous for hosting a variety of major international events throughout the year. Above all, sporting events that attract tens of thousands of spectators to its slopes and glues millions of viewers to TV screens.

Kitzbhel Alps Events

21/01/2015 – 25/01/2015

75th Hahnenkamm Race

The highlight of the ski calendar. The crème de la crème of professional skiers come to Kitzbühel to compete on the Streif - the most difficult downhill run in the world.

Jumps up to 80m, steep slopes up to 85% and speeds up to 140 km/h. Less than 2 minutes to complete the stretch of 3.3 km. An altitude difference of 863 m from the starting point (1665m) ... to the finish (802m). An average speed of 103 km/h. This is the most difficult ski piste in the world.

There are many fascinating facts and figures about the ‘Streif’ course. The Hahnenkamm race has been taking place on the Kitzbühels landmark mountain since 1931. Points which have remained fixed since the early years include the Streif descent, the Combination and the Ganslernhang slalom. This historic slope now forms part of the course again following a short break. The Streifalm Super-G was introduced in the 1990s.

The Hahnenkamm event represents a sporting and social highlight of the year in Kitzbühel. During the event, this town on the Gams bursts at the seams with reporters and celebrities from all over the world taking to the streets of Kitzbühel. Visitors can also enjoy the unique Hahnenkamm flair in Kitzbühel as well as cheering on some of the world’s best skiers along with tens of thousands of fans!

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