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Signature Dish

Our chef suggests to taste homemade Liguini with a sauce a la Buzzara. To honour the old fishmen, we use only the fresh and local products. Home made pasta is prepared by our chefs, fresh mussels come from the Adriatic Sea, olive oil is from the local farmers, salt from very near saltpans Sečovlje, combining a unique local culinary experience, allowing our Kempinski Palace Portorož to create a mark in the local gastronomy.

Signature Dish “Liguini a la Buzzara” with freshness of Adriatic Sea and wealth of Istrian nature. 

Our Executive Chef, Igor Delak, with a deep love for the Istrian land and a desire to take the very best from its nature, he creates healthy and fresh Mediterranean dishes based on traditional Istrian cuisine.

“Liguini a la Buzzara” is a signature dish which is a typical local dish, consists of local fresh ingredients and it’s done by our Chef’s creativity with Istrian touch. Handmade Liguini with a sauce a la Buzzara consists of fresh mussels from Adriatic Sea, fresh herbs from our garden, local olive oil, fresh charlotte and tomato. Guests can taste it at the Fleur De Sel Restaurant, on the sunny terrace with a view over Adriatic Sea and have a treat for all the senses.

The recipe