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Local Information

If Croatia is the heart of Europe, then the heart-shaped Istria opens the gates of the Mediterranean to Europeans. Along with the fact that it is a multi-cultural and multilingual environment, the uniqueness of Istria lies in the fact that so much diversity is so harmoniously intertwined in such a small place: a rich cultural and historical heritage with modern architecture and art, untouched beaches along a clean sea with picturesque towns and the natural beauty of the interior, luxuriously decorated hotels and villas with warm rural village tourism, healthy Mediterranean seafood cuisine with autochthonous Istrian specialties. We would like to share with you information about some of the most beautiful places in the region, and much more, so that you can love Istria for what it really is.

  • Zoltan Somlyai Hotel Manager at the Kempinski Hotel Adriatic

    Istria for every season

    If you have ever been to Istria, you will surely agree with me – Istria is a true gem of the Mediterranean! If you haven't traveled here yet, start planning! There's much to be discovered and every season reveals itself with new colours.

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  • croppedimage230150-Umag-Old-Town


    Umag is known nowadays as the town of tennis because it hosts many tennis camps. It presents “Croatia’s gateway to Europe” and has an interesting story to tell.

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  • Fishermen Tradition in Savudrija


    Only a few kilometres from our hotel you will find old Savudrija and discover a place where people still use the traditional way of storing fishermen boats.

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  • The Romantic Rovinj


    Rovinj was declared a cultural monument in 1963. Together with Poreč and Pula, this distinctive jewel of the Istrian coast illustrates the best example of local urban architecture.

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  • View of Porec Old Town


    Poreč is famous not only for the wonderful mosaics of Euphrasian Basilica. The footsteps of Rome, the splendour of Byzantium and the refined witnesses of Venice are here integrated into everyday life.

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  • Pula Film Festival in the Arena


    If you follow the myth about the Argonauts and their quest for the Golden Fleece, you definitely have to visit Pula.

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  • View of Motovun

    Grožnjan and Motovun

    Different eras and influences have made Istria’s inland a culturally rich area. Discover the traces of the past in Motovun and Grožnjan - you will be enchanted by their famous charm.

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