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Our massages and rituals provide purity, freshness and vitality to your skin and bring recovery to your body. Each treatment will bring the luxury of uncontaminated nature directly to your skin for immediate benefit.

Massages help to release muscle and mental tensions, boost the immune system, improve blood circulation and bring your body to a balanced and energized state. 

Here is a glimpse into our Spa menu...

Swedish Massage
Classic relaxing massage characterised by western approach and standard massage techniques. 
45 minutes / 575,00 HRK (75,00 EUR)
25 minutes / 330,00 HRK (43,00 EUR)

Four Hands Swedish Massage
45 minutes / 920,00 HRK (120,00 EUR)

Adriatic Herbal Touch
Massage with hot herbal pads made from Mediterranean herbs such as lavender and sage. Aromatic herbs’ specific properties and pleasant scents are healing and encourage a complete aromatherapeutic and relaxing effect.
50 min / 640,00 HRK (85,00 EUR)

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