A spa experience unlike any other that pleases the senses. This sensual, traditional Turkish ritual will take you into the mystical world of Ottoman-style bathing.

Performed in two white-marble rooms set at a temperature of 45°C, this luxurious bath cleanses, relaxes and purifies the body and mind. First, the therapist generously applies soft soap foam to the skin and massages the body with an exfoliating glove. Next, the body is washed with warm water, followed by a splash of cold water. This purifying treatment is followed by a rejuvenating massage. Finally, guests will enjoy fresh fruits and a nice cup of tea in our relaxation area.

Turkish Hamam

1001 Hamam (couples ritual)
90 minutes + 20 minutes in the relaxation area / HRK 1.850,00 (EUR 246,00)
Touch of Orient (one person ritual)
70 minutes + 20 minutes in the relaxation area / HRK 1.035,00 (EUR 138,00)
Royal Hamam for a couple
140 min + 20 min relax / HRK 2.700,00 (EUR 355,00)
Royal Hamam for one person
120 min + 20 min relax / HRK 1.500,00 (EUR 197,00)

Moroccan Hamam
90 minutes / HRK 750,00 (EUR 100.00) / per person


To book your preferred treatment, please contact us by e-mail at caroleaspa.adriatic@kempinski.com or by telephone at + 385 52 707 080.

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