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Istrian new fritaja - tradition reinterpreted

A relevant local dish with a long history, timeless and unique in its preparation and ingredients and at the same time subject to a fresh reinterpretation: this was the guiding thread in the creation of the Istrian new fritaja, the signature dish of the Istrian style restaurant Kanova.

This daring reinterpretation of the Istrian local omelette fuses together the Istrian gastronomical pride and joy, his majesty the truffle with the traditionally best matching ingredients, such as eggs and potatoes.

Istrian New Fritaja - Signature Dish - Restaurant Kanova

The philosophy of the dish itself is visible in all its different aspects, starting with the name which combines the local dialect word fritaja with the adjective new. In fact, fritaja is the Istrian word for the scrambled egg omelette, traditionally consumed all year round and in different seasonal variations: plain or with local prosciutto ham, wild asparagus, mushrooms and of course with famous Istrian truffles. The result is a perfectly balanced dish: gustatory, olfactory and even visually, reflecting the colours of the red and white Istrian soil.

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