Chef’s Recommendation at Dragon Palace

Offering Cantonese cuisine and Hakka specialties for Lunch and Dinner, the Dragon Palace is the perfect place to enjoy excellent dishes in a harmonious atmosphere.

“Wu Xi Spare Ribs”

Modern yet elegant interior of Dragon Palace, our Dragon Palace Chinese Restaurant invites you to taste the Chinese culinary traditions with our Chinese Chef, Sam Chen’s Signature Dish, the “Wu Xi Spareribs”. Selecting the most exclusive quality of spare ribs. The cooking process requires detailed attention to create the tender, sweet and “oily but not greasy” sensation in your mouth. Try this dish to enhance your gastronomic experience!

 “Steamed Egg White with Nostoc Sphaeroides
Chef Sam’s creation of modern Chinese delicacy. It uses the most exclusive ingredient, the  Nostoc sphaeroides, which known for its high nutritional value. The mixture of the silky texture of the egg white, a slight milky taste steam with Nostoc phaeroides surprisingly gives an insipid savour. Undeniable refreshing dish for this autumn!

“Deep Fried Bean Curd with Abalone Sauce ”
Inspired by the traditional Hakka cuisine and One of Chef’s Sam favorite tofu recipes! The smoothness of the tofu only interrupted by the minced pork and shrimp stuffing. the combination of the crispiness of the tofu and abalone sauce will definitely tickles your tastebud.

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