Autumn and Winter Tonic Food

Autumn & Winter, which is the golden season for your health, we will prepare for you Autumn and Winter Tonic Food!


Casserole of Braised Lamb Brisket with Soy Sauce                                       ¥398

Pan Fried Fresh Oyster with Port Wine Sauce                                               ¥108     

Sauteed Crab Meat with Bean Curd                                                            ¥108

Pan Fried Stuffed Dongjiang Dace with Black Bean Sauce                              ¥128

Braised Fresh Green Crab and Soft-Shelled Turtle                                        ¥368

Steamed Beef Shank with Dry Day Lily and Black Fungus                                ¥98

Stewed Beef Brisket Curry                                                                         ¥128

Hakka Plain Boiling Chicken with Scallion and Soy Sauce                                ¥98

Slow Roast Salt-Crusted Goose                                                                 ¥108

Hakka Stuffed Mixed Vegetables with Meat                                                  ¥68

Hakka Steamed Fish Head in Chilli Sauce                                                    ¥98

Stewed Pork Belly with Dried Bamboo Shoot and Black Fungus                        ¥88

Braised Muscovy Duck and Tender Ginger                                                   ¥118

Hakka Steamed Meat with Preserved Vegetable                                            ¥68

Crispy Deep-fried Bean Curd                                                                       ¥48


Steamed Teal Duck with Ginseng Soup                                                         ¥48

Steamed Pigeon with Dendrobe Flower Soup                                                  ¥68

Steamed Chicken Herbal Soup                                                                     ¥48

Steamed Pork Shank with Herbal Soup                                                          ¥48

All prices above is subject to 15% service charge