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KREEN - Naturally Powerful Solutions

Kempinski has partnered with leading experts Stadtwerke Mainz AG and Marshfield Energy PTE Ltd., each company has a strong track-record in bringing renewable energy projects to life, and founded KREEN.

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KREEN powered by Kempinski “KREEN is a big step forward and Kempinski is, to my knowledge, the first company who has its own energy consultancy which perfectly integrates economic and environmental needs.” Reto Wittwer, President & CEO of Kempinski Hotels

KREEN stands for Kempinski REnewable ENergies. It offers consulting, planning and project management services to reduce hotels' operating costs using renewable energies and to allow hotels’ achieving highest environmental standards.

KREEN’s services are available to existing hotels and hotels in the planning, design and construction phases. This allows new hotels to integrate a comprehensive strategy for the use of energy right from the beginning which is not only financially the most viable option but also gives the hotel a head start on the competition. Hotels already operating have now a professional expertise at hand to optimise its energy management.

Depending on the geographic setting of the hotel, the local energy price and the renewable energy supply, KREEN provides tailored solutions and project management to each hotel using solar energy, geothermal power, hydro power and wind energy, or indeed a combination.

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Download the KREEN brochure or visit www.kreen.ch to find out more about the tailored solutions KREEN offers.