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Green Inspiration – simple ideas with impact

Kempinski takes responsibility to actively reduce the ecological impact of its hotels, with a Green Inspiration programme which engages staff and guests.

Kempinski’s Green Inspiration programme starts with raising awareness among guests and staff, inspiring them to adopt simple but impactful behaviours. Kempinski is progressively implementing initiatives, starting with the Oak Initiative.

The oak tree is a symbol of strength, an ancient European tree, resistant to drought and disease. All Kempinski hotels participate in the Oak Initiative with a guest awareness programme: the small Oak Tree left on the bed by the guest invites their housekeeping attendant to make up the bed with the existing linens (reducing water used for laundry and the associated waste water), to use green cleaning products, and to turn off air-conditioning, lights and TV while the guest is not in the room. Staff contribute by purchasing goods responsibly and communicating this to suppliers - each decision to use FSC paper or buy local produce for the restaurants adds up. A hotel may also choose to support a local environmental conservation programme. Staff take part in Earth Hour each year, and a Green Day each month – where they will clean up the property and its grounds.

Green Inspiration Environment - types of trees

Over the next decade, Kempinski will introduce the Baobab Initiative and the Gingko Initiative. These initiatives require additional programmes and even capital investment. The Baobab is known as the tree of life, for the shelter, nourishment and water it provides to the peoples and wildlife of the African savannah. And the Gingko is one of the earth’s oldest and possibly magical trees, able to resist tsunamis, hurricanes and even radiation, capable of regeneration and used as a medical herb.

Inspired by the power of nature, Kempinski encourages its guests and staff to start with small actions – every day.