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A call for change

At a group level, Kempinski takes a different approach towards its environmental responsibility. Kempinski has a matter-of-fact approach to energy usage in its hotels: applicable for both hotels already operating and those under design where efficiency can be built in. It tries to find innovative solutions that tackle the company’s carbon footprint and increasing energy costs differently by finding solutions that fight the cause and not the symptoms. For this it believes in the power of engaging guests and staff in their everyday actions. Kempinski also believes in the power of nature as the solution for the future energy needs. Clever, efficient and renewable energy solutions make a difference in sustainability, environmental protection and costs – a powerful argument for the business.

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    KREEN - Naturally Powerful Solutions

    Kempinski has partnered with leading experts Stadtwerke Mainz AG and Marshfield Energy PTE Ltd., each company has a strong track-record in bringing renewable energy projects to life, and founded KREEN.

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    Green Inspiration – simple ideas with impact

    Kempinski takes responsibility to actively reduce the ecological impact of its hotels, with a Green Inspiration programme which engages staff and guests.

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