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Arts and culture are a necessity, not a luxury

While the group’s heritage is European, Kempinski is now an international company present in 32 countries. Kempinski delights in taking the road less travelled, providing access to a cultural experience of each destination. The appreciation of arts and culture is as important as the act of creation. This is why Kempinski is supporting the arts and culture with an international programme, focused on youth, talent, cross-cultural education and exposure. Perhaps on your next visit, you may meet one of the artists in residence…

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    Kempinski Young Artist Programme

    In the spirit of the grand ‘salons’ of Europe, where aspiring protégées were hand-selected to create works of art and music, Kempinski supports young artists, through its Arts Programme, by creating the environment where Fellows can become the stars of tomorrow.

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    Kempinski Young Artist Programme 2014

    Artistry is important to us at Kempinski and we believe that culture defines and expresses different societies and civilisations. Throughout its long history Kempinski has promoted the arts in Europe and beyond.

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