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Corporate Social Responsibility

Integrating our hotel operations into the life of the local community and society of our host countries is highly rewarding for Kempinski and our employees. We believe that the local economic and social impact of our hotels can be managed positively and responsibly.

Kempinski employs around 22,500 staff in over 30 countries, and has an average of four million guests each year. As a global company, Kempinski believes its responsibility extends beyond its employees and guests, into the communities in which it operates. In addition to its hotels’ individual engagement into socially responsible initiatives that meet the specific needs of their local community; Kempinski also has a corporate social responsibility programme. This programme is lived by all employees, whether at a corporate and regional level or within an individual hotel.

Kempinski is active in three main areas where it believes it can have the greatest impact, while remaining true to the group’s values and enhancing hotel operations. In each area, Kempinski has its own unique approach to driving engagement and action: