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Unique hotels. Breathtaking destinations. Unforgettable events

Kempinski is passionately committed to your event and its success. Blending traditional first-class elegance with the most state of the art facilities, it is our mission to make your event an exceptional and memorable experience for your attendees and guests.







Kempinski has a peerless reputation for hosting outstanding conferences and events, where attention to detail is guaranteed.

We have a wide range of conference rooms and facilities such as lecture halls, seminar and purpose built training rooms, each equipped with the latest technology.

Whether it be a private meeting or a larger event such as weddings or exhibitions, we are prepared to make Kempinski the perfect venue for your event and your first Hotel of choice.

Our resourceful, skilled staff will be eager to assist you in the design and implementation of your event. We welcome every challenge and ensure the greatest measure of quality, hospitality and commitment.

Make your event a Kempinski experience!