Social Occasions

Invitations to to venues at the Hotel Atlantic Kempinski Hamburg are rarely rejected. Find out why...

Events im Hotel Atlantic

A local landmark. A European luxury brand. 105 years of glamor and hotel history. Extravagant ballrooms and salons. Culinary excellence. That's the quintessence, but that’s not all...

Since opening in 1909 as a classic grand hotel, the Hotel Atlantic has been inextricably linked to the social life of Hamburg. The most glamorous balls, the most exciting festivals and the most prominent events have taken place here and made the Great Ballroom legendary.

From private birthday celebrations to official receptions, from elegant banqueting events to shrill cocktail parties, from interview scenes to photo shoots: the scenery of the Hotel Atlantic Kempinski in Hamburg is second to none...

Real Cinema Experience and Tremendous Images in the PrivateMax

PrivateMax, the first private cinema in a German grand hotel, offers pure enjoyment for up to 12 viewers. The exclusive cinema is available to hotel guests as well as external guests. Whether a private screening or a company presentation, a special and exclusive cinema experience is guaranteed.

Culinary Tour Behind the Scenes of a Grand Hotel

Is there a labyrinth in the cellar of the Hotel Atlantic Kempinski?
Are there secret rooms that hardly anyone knows about?
Can you serve clam soup in a test tube?

Whoever does not participate in the hotel safari will never get to know.

We open the doors for you and your group, while it remains closed to others.

105-year-old ladies usually have a lot to talk about and know an incredible number of secrets. Opened in 1909 as the "Grande Dame" of Hamburg, the Hotel Atlantic Kempinski is located near the Outer Alster. With over 105 years of history, it began with Kaiser Wilhelm II., who already experienced the traditional Hanseatic house. And you could experience it first-hand beyond the regular hotel path from the Phantom Room to the hidden laundry area and the Presidential Suite to the secret chambers of the cooks.

At each of the ancient sites, one can enjoy one course of the five-course safari menu. Beverages, decorations and menu cards are all designed according to your wishes and tailored to your personal safari.

We offer this exceptional Atlantic experience for groups of a minimum of ten and a maximum of 30 persons at the price of EUR 159 per person.

For further information, please contact the banquet department via telephone at +49 40 2888 811 or via e-mail at

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