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Guizhou is a place highlighted for its numerous ethnic minority festivals. Guiyang, as the capital city of Guizhou Province, is an assembly point for the multi-ethnic people. The Buyi and the Miao have the largest population of all. Guiyang’s minority groups are memorable for their colorful traditional costumes and their singing and dancing during festival occasions.

Winter Celebration KempinskiGuiyang

Winter Celebration

The Winter Celebration is calling! Join us to celebrate the Christmas and the New Year, all at Kempinski Hotel Guiyang!

Whether you're exchanging gifts, enjoying a cozy and delicate buffet dinner to satisfy your appetite, or watching the remarkable and mysterious show for the magic night, it's the season for sharing and cheer. Join us for a winter celebration experience full of memories waiting to happen!


For more information about Chinese New Year Eve Dinner in Kempinski Hotel Guiyang.

For inquiries and reservations please call +86 851 599 9999.

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