Signature Dish Kwe1

Signature Dish

A typical local dish - one of Guizhou's classics - prepared with Kempinski style!

Homemade shredded beef noodles with Guiyang sour tomato broth

The Mission: To create a culinary trademark

 The ingredients: Fresh red sour tomatoes, fine selected sirloin, parsley, spring onions, bean shoots, ginger, garlic, pork ribs and more than 20 other kinds of spices.

Fresh, sour tomatoes are a unique ingredient only found in Guizhou Province. The sour taste of the tomato enhanced by the flavour of Guiyang spices is used to create a distinctively Guiyang-style broth. This delicious broth is served together with homemade shredded noodles, tenderly simmered beef shank and garnished with fresh coriander and chives.

We would like to invite you to visit our Elements Restaruant and try our famous signature dish - ''Homemade Shredded Beef Noodles with Guiyang Sour Tomato Broth“, served with Guiyang Chili powder for RMB 78.