Softouch Ayurveda Experience - “The Healing Touch of Ancient Ayurveda”.

The individualized treatments at Softouch Ayurveda are aimed to restore the balance to the five elements, engaging all our five senses through its pure aromas, plant based products, ancient Indian techniques and nurturing treatments.

Everybody has an unique «doshic thumbprint», and the Ayurveda Consultant has to discover that unique doshic make-up and the exact nature of imbalances in order to recommend a very individual program for restoring balance. The consultation is part of every Ayurveda Retreat, which includes as recommendations for lifestyle and nutrition.

Ayurveda Herbal packs

Pre- and Post Skype Consultation

Through offering the opportunity of a Pre-Ayurveda skype consultation we are aiming to give our guests a better understanding and feeling of our professional and authentic Ayurveda Centre and optimize their benefits by delivering an individual recommendation for treatments, nutrition and lifestyle. Let our Ayurveda Consultant support the guest with implementing the healthy Ayurveda way of life in to their daily routine. We are very glad to offer the pre- and post skype consultation free of charge to our guests!

Please contact our Ayurveda Consultant Dr. Sreejith and book your Skype Consultation.


Ayurveda Gastronomy

It is recommended to also adjust the nutrition during the Ayurveda Retreat which follows the instructions of the Ayurveda Consultant. You can opt for half or full board and all meals will be prepared by our Indian Chef especially for you, tailor-made and in line with your Doshas. During your program we will as well provide you with water and herbal teas.


It forms an important part of all Ayurveda Retreats as it is proven that it is an effective way to develop and maintain perfect harmony and balance in the body system. It provides you with immunity against all weaknesses and even certain diseases. It alters brain wave activities, reflecting in increased relaxation and a better focused mind.

At Softouch Ayurveda center within Kempinski The Spa you will find a selection of Individual Ayurveda Rituals to Wellness and Medical Ayurveda 

Our Ayurveda Consultant is happy to assist you in finding the right Retreat for you and your needs. Contact our Ayurvedic consultant for any information:

T. +356 2211 5820

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