Gozo… the undiscovered secret of the Mediterranean.

Let Malta’s little sister Gozo enchant you with sleepy villages and its tranquil countryside with rolling hills and terraced fields. Spectacular cliffs and picturesque bays compete with remains of millennia-old history and culture, all vying for your attention.

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    Beaches & Bays

    Take your time out on Gozo's hidden beaches, bathing spots and secret caves all resting in the clear blue Mediterranean Sea.

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    Azure Window at Dwejra Bay

    Only 3 km away from the hotel you will find the impressive Azure Window, a natural arch of limestone which singularity attracts most of Gozo visitors.

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    Historic Salt Pans

    The salt production knowledge has been shared through years as a typical tradition from Gozo.

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    Inland Sea

    Stunning salt water lake which relates to the Mediterranean Sea by a natural rock tunnel.

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    Fungus Rock

    Located next to Dwejra bay, this immense rock owns its popularity to the singular healing plant growing on it.

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    Sannat Cliffs

    Gozo’s unspoilt costline blessed with the stunning and spectacular Sannat cliffs.

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    Watch Towers

    Ancient watch towers around the coast give you the best views on sunsets and sunrises over the Mediterranean Sea.

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    Centrally located in Victoria, the Cittadella fortified city has been for decades the heart of Gozitans life.

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    Ggantija Temples

    A 5,500-year-old temple construction, also known as the historical pillar of the island, is amongst the oldest free-standing structures in the world.

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    From archaeology to toys, there are museums for every taste and age to show you the cultural side of Gozo.