Gozo… the undiscovered secret of the Mediterranean.

Let Malta’s little sister Gozo enchant you with sleepy villages and its tranquil countryside with rolling hills and terraced fields. Spectacular cliffs and picturesque bays compete with remains of millennia-old history and culture, all vying for your attention.

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    Bursting at the seams with history and archaeological treasures

    Stand in awe among the massive boulders of the neolithic Ggantija Temples, built before the Egyptian pyramids or Stonehenge. Or stroll through Victoria’s ancient alleys, in the footsteps of knights and peasants that were here before you in times long gone by, yet you sense they might have only just disappeared around the corner.

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    A wealth of museums and places of interest

    Examine thousands of years’ worth of archaeological treasures that are on display in museums scattered among the bastions of Victoria’s citadel. Learn how Gozitans outsmarted Turkish invaders; discover the place where the legendary Calypso held Ulysses captive, high above Ramla Bay. Ask our leisure concierge for many more tips where to go and what to see!

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    Gozo after sunset – the relaxation continues!

    For most of the year, life after dusk continues outdoors. Spend balmy summer nights on water’s edge, mingle with the locals outside their football club – and don’t miss the dazzling fireworks display of a village ‘festa’! On summer weekends, one of Europe’s finest outdoor clubs is a major crowd puller for the younger generation.

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    How to get around the island of Gozo

    Calm traffic outside Victoria gives you ample opportunity to adapt to driving on the left. Explore Gozo in comfort by hire car, or visit its nooks and crannies by scooter or bike. Or make use of the convenience that comes with a chauffeur-driven hire car. Whether car, scooter or bicycle… our Front Desk will happily arrange your vehicle hire.

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    Shopping in Gozo

    Rummage through small local stores or shop in one of Victoria’s modern outlets and malls. Watch Gozitan glassblowers at work in Crafts Village, or observe how an intricate piece of lace takes form - then take home a precious handmade souvenir for family or friends – or for yourself.

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    Down by the Mediterranean Sea

    You are in Gozo because you love the sea… and Gozo will oblige, with popular bathing spots, hidden beaches, secret caves, and of course the clear blue Mediterranean Sea. Why not watch the island from the outside by pedal boat or wind-surfer? Then gaze at daylight turning to dusk, while sipping a gin & tonic in Xlendi Bay or the more mundane Marsalforn.