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Facial Experiences

Float up on cloud nine while you indulge in a variety of facial treatments customised to your skin type.

Facial Experiences at Le Spa by Resense

The Age-Defier NIANCE® DELUXE (120 min) - 350.-CHF
This premium facial is particularly recommended for mature skin, giving a lasting firmness and smoothness to the face. Full of essential micro-nutrients, our products accelerate the skin’s natural repair function and assist in the removal of fine lines and wrinkles. This experience includes a neck massage and a specifically formulated treatment for the eye area whereby dehydration lines, wrinkles, dark circles and swellings are tackled purposefully resulting in your eyes looking fascinatingly alive.

The Brightener NIANCE® INTENSIVE (60 min) - 210.-CHF
This experience is nurturing and comforting providing your skin with moisture, nutrients and vitamins. A combination of cleansing and exfoliation brightens the skin and has a smoothing effect on lines and small wrinkles making the skin tender and soft.

The Restorer NIANCE® BOOSTING (60 min) - 210.-CHF
This luxury facial especially crafted for dry skin, includes a boosting mask providing immediate, regenerating moisture. Existing wrinkles fade and the skin is left with a hydrating glow.

The Purifier NIANCE® REFINING (60 min) - 210.-CHF
The Purifier has been created for oiler skin, removing impurities and reducing excessive sebum production. The skin is soothed and simultaneously supplied with the best active ingredients, producing a clear, luminous result. All these experiences include a luxury treatment of the eye area

The Eye Definer NIANCE® EYE DELUXE (30min) - 105.-CHF
Specifically formulated for the eye area, light dryness lines, wrinkles, dark circles and swellings are tackled purposefully, ensuring your eyes look fascinatingly alive and fresh.

The Gentlemen NIANCE® MEN POWER (90 min) - 295.-CHF
This premium experience designed for the most demanding of skins provides new resilience and firmness. Intensive supply of cells with micro-nutrients and enhanced moisture deposits make fallow or tired complexions a thing of the past. Your eye area enjoys additional luxury care, your complexion gains in smoothness and your skin is given a healthy, firm appearance.

The Gentleman’s Express NIANCE® MEN ULTRA (30 min) - 105.-CHF
A fast but effective facial for men, especially formulated for dry or tired skin. Intense moisture is applied to your skin and allowed to be absorbed. This experience removes signs of tiredness and small lines, leaving your skin smooth and full of vitality.

The Definitive Facial Experience Featuring HydraFacialMD®
For those looking for the most advanced medical-grade skin care treatment in youthful aging, please consult with our Spa Concierge to review our menu of advanced cosmeceutical HydraFacialMD® treatments.