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Body Experiences

Feel like you're in seventh heaven. Our Body Experiences are deeply cleansing in a personalised manner.

Blue Water Drops Spa by Resense

The Deep Cleanse. Steam and Soap Massage (60 min) - 175.-CHF
A delicious combination of steam, heat, water and soap massage leaves you remarkably clean and refreshed. Europeans have practised bathing traditions for centuries, a tribute indeed to water’s healing influence and the essence of the Resense Spa.

The Joints. Wrap and Massage (60 min) - 195.-CHF
We all need to ‘oil the hinges’ from time to time. This experience is designed to ease the pain out of those stiff and aching joints and promote flexibility. Warm Hungarian mud infused with essential oils envelops the whole body, concentrating on the joints. After a shower, we lovingly mobilise the joints and gently stretch them.

The Polish & Swathe. Scrub and Wrap (60 min) - 205.-CHF
An invigorating body polish infused with antioxidants cleanses your body and is followed by a Hungarian mud body wrap. Whilst the wrap is working its magic, we will tenderly massage your head to balance and promote relaxation.

The Polish. Scrub (45 min) - 155.-CHF
Our polishes have been designed to remove impurities and will leave your skin glowing. Your therapist will consult with you to determine which polish is best for your skin. The Antioxidant Polish gently exfoliates the skin in a soothing way. The invigorating aromatic Salt Scrub stimulates and exfoliates for a sleek finish. Both are perfect on their own or combined with another experience.

The Swathe. Wrap (45 min) - 155.-CHF
We have two distinctive body wraps for you to choose from. The Detoxifying wrap is infused with plant botanicals and is as powerful as it is cleansing. The Nourishing wrap, made from Hungarian Moor Mud, is soothing, healing and leaves your skin feeling soft and luminous. Both wraps can be enjoyed alone or added to another experience.