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The Cultural City of Geneva

Green, clean and serene, Geneva’s small size belies its rich cultural diversity. The city with two rivers calls for a unique experience. Geneva is known to be a cradle of global business organizations, it also houses an amazing medieval historic center, many museums and cultural sites, luxury boutiques, numerous gardens and unforgettable gastronomic addresses.

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    Geneva – A City with a Global Reach but a Local Touch

    Anchored on the shores of Lake Léman, Geneva is the city of new ideas and history. It is also a city of peace. European headquarters of the United Nations (UN), Geneva hosts 22 international organizations and more than 250 non-governmental organizations (NGOs). This is one of the greenest cities in Europe with 330 acres vested in parks and green spaces.

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  • Getting Around | Grand  Hotel Kempinski Geneva  | Switzerland

    Getting Around

    Transports Publics Genevois (TPG) or Geneva Public Transport offers an extensive network of buses, trams, ferries and river taxis (Mouettes).

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    Geneva Nightlife

    There is no need to venture too far off in order to enjoy a typical night out in Geneva. In fact, one never really needs to leave Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva because the complex includes two of the city’s most popular hot spots: FloorTwo Bar and the Java Club.

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  • Sports | Grand  Hotel Kempinski Geneva  | Switzerland

    Sports & The Outdoors

    In Geneva nature is your playground so the city is the perfect destination for guests who love sports and enjoy the outdoors. Stroll through the English Gardens, rent a pedalo boat at Lake Geneva, or dive right in and enjoy a day of water skiing or sailing.

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