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GREEN Attitude

Offering our guests an exceptional stay while contributing to the preservation of our planet has become our vocation. The GREEN Package allows our guests to choose a room that provides comfort while protecting the environment.

Since 2010, Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva has been involved in the protection of the environment and offers its clients the possibility of contributing to this effort during their stay.

Compliant since 2013, Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva adheres to the Association inspectorat du nettoyage des textiles en Suisse (AINTS) guidelines concerning environmentally safe methods for cleaning all hotel fabrics and textiles.

Here are some of the ways in which we are honoring our environment-friendly commitment:

  • Linen and toiletries only changed upon guest request
  • Limited lighting during room absences
  • «Kempinski» bottled water is available at your disposal
  • In order to discover the city in a “greener” fashion, two «Kempinski» electric bikes are now available
  • A portion of your bill (15 CHF) is dedicated to a reforestation program in the Amazon.

Green Package:

The GREEN Package allows our guests to choose a luxurious, comfortable room while reducing their carbon footprint.