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Facial Treatments

After a personalized consultation, our facial massage treatments, combining the efficiency of CINQ MONDES Dermapuncture® with the power of natural phyto-aromatic products, smoothes facial lines and relaxes the entire body.

Facial treatments

“Bali Flowers Ritual” Express Radiance Facial (20 min) - 95.-CHF

  • Inspired by Balinese beauty rituals, discover the virtues of this “radiance express” treatment which combines skin cleansing with well-being and beauty. Infusing the delicate scents of the tropical flowers, this invigorating treatment is a relaxing massage for the face, neck and scalp.

“Bali Flowers and Fruits Ritual” Skin Renewal Facial (50 min) - 175.-CHF

  • Inspired by Balinese Beauty Rituals, this deep-cleansing, skin perfecting treatment utilizes essence of tropical flowers and extracted natural acids from AHA fruit – an active ingredient – to purify skin, producing a radiant complexion.

“Five Flowers Ritual” illuminescence Facial (50 min) - 175.-CHF

  • A mesmerizing, deep-cleansing massage for the face, neck and shoulders, this treatment is an ancient Balinese ritual this blends extracts of five tropical flowers with Kombuchka®, a patented formula designed to promote skin vitality. 

“Ko Bi Do” Lifting and Plumping “Fountain of Youth” Facial (50 min) - 175.-CHF

  • This ancient Japanese Ko Bi Do Ritual is a manual “facelift.”  Enjoy this holistic approach to lifting and toning skin, effectively renewing facial youth and vitality.

“Ko Bi Do” Global Anti-Age “Fountain of Youth” Facial (80min) - 245.-CHF

  • This “Global anti-aging” anti-wrinkle treatment from the Japanese “Ko Bi Do” ritual is a regenerating facial mask.  Focusing on the contours of the eyes, lips, neckline and arms, this treatment restores the skin to a firm, dewy complexion.  Skin feels soft and youthful.