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Body Rituals - Massages

Invite your senses on a journey to discover the benefits of the best massages and well-being treatments in the world, inherited from ancient traditions and Art of Touch. Each “journey” provides transcendence through time and space. You will recapture harmony and balance between mind, body and soul.

Body Rituals

Relaxing North African Massage Ritual (20 min or 50 min) - 95.-CHF or 175.-CHF

  • A genuine art of living massage that works on the entire body using delicately perfumed hot Argan oil. The expert hands of the therapist work on tender knots and tensions to eliminate toxins and muscle pains while promoting a state of pure wellness.

Toning Indian Ayurvedic Massage Ritual (50 min) - 175.-CHF

  • This hot oil toning massage, from the thousand year-old Indian tradition, relies on a combination of invigorating strokes. Enjoy the vanilla and cardamom fragrances of this treatment that helps to relieve muscle pain, encourages sound sleep and leaves skin silky-soft.

Enveloping Balinese Massage (50 min) - 175.-CHF

  • Immerse in a world of tranquility performed with a traditional “Tropical Nuts Melting balm” according to an ancestral Ritual from Bali. This escape includes gentle Thai pulling and traditional stretching movements.

Soothing French Polynesian Massage Ritual (50 min or 80 min) - 175.-CHF or 260.-CHF

  • A body treatment inherited from The Polynesian healers and inspired by Lomi-Lomi, which uses deep pressure from the therapist’s forearms and long continuous movements. Tiare flower notes accompany you all along this blissful experience of instant relief.

Back Massage (20 min) - 95.-CHF

  • Discover the virtues of this deeply relaxing massage. By focusing on the back, neck and shoulder blades this treatment releases built-up tension providing a feeling of well-being and total relaxation.