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Bath & Body Treatments

A relaxing escapade, Le Spa’s Bath and Body Treatments are the ultimate in self care. Relax your body and mind; step in and enjoy the sensual pleasure of our baths.

Bath and body treatments

North African Traditional Hammam (20 min) - 60.-CHF

  • A total mind, body and soul experience, this authentic Hammam therapy is the ideal preparation before a massage or facial.

Hydro Massage Phyto-Aromatic Bath (20 min) - 95.-CHF

  • In awakening the senses, this treatment restores both physical and psychic harmony thereby producing utter relaxation and bliss. 

Refining Aromatic Scrub with Precious and Rare Spices (20 min) - 95.-CHF

  • Indulge yourself in an ancestral ritual, inspired by a deeply-rooted custom of body renewal from Java. With a fascinating earthy scent and a brilliant refining recipe featuring zesty spices and sea salts, you’ll awaken to satiny smooth skin.

Smoothing Sublime Scrub with Natural Noni and Tahiti Monoï (20 min) - 95.-CHF

  • A blissful ritual from the Polynesian Islands. This traditional preparation of Monoï – made from Tiare blossoms, raw sugar, ground coconut powder and Noni fruit –will regenerate skin and renew the spirit.

Polishing “Papaya Purée” Scrub (20 min) - 95.-CHF

  • A ritual originating in Thailand, this dark tangerine colored treatment is a delicate yet effective body polishing practice.  Deliciously perfumed, this finely grained “papaya purée” buffs to utter perfection, unveiling the most superbly radiant skin.

Purifying and Exfoliating Scrub with Traditional Black Soap (20 min) - 95.-CHF

  • Discover this body purification process inherited from the Oriental Hammam tradition. The North African Beldi black soap is an ancient recipe that deeply exfoliates and hydrates, resulting in silky smooth skin.

(Note:  This treatment is given only after having used the Hammam, as the steam helps to prepare the skin prior to the Kassa Glove Scrub.)

Purifying Detox Treatment with North African Rhassoul Poultice (20 min) - 95.-CHF

  • A purifying and detoxifying wrap, this treatment employs the therapeutic Rhassoul Poultice recipe from North Africa, a natural clay that promotes visibly toned, silky skin.  The sensations transfer you back to the magic universe of the Hammam.

Note:  This treatment is only given after the Hammam or the Purifying and Exfoliating Scrub with Traditional Black Soap.