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“So many countries, so many customs’’, or Kempinski International Chefs and their favourite Christmas food

Christmas is here! And we wish a very Merry Christmas to all of you out there who are having a nice time with your families and friends and enjoying all the traditional Christmas dishes. 

We wanted to know what our Chefs liked at Christmas when, instead of preparing food for others, they had the chance to sit down and enjoy themselves. Our team of Chefs is a nice fusion of more than 10 different nationalities so we asked some of them and this is what they said - 

James Norman, Executive Chef at Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva

Originally from the United Kingdom

Kempinski Chef

For many years James travelled around the world and spent Christmas everywhere except in England. But a nice Mince Pie or Christmas pudding always makes him feel like he is back at home, at least for a moment. A cake with meat? Yes, that’s the Mince Pie - a typical Christmas dessert served in the United Kingdom for centuries. 

Yann Lohez, Head Chef at Le Grill Restaurant

Originally from France

Kempinski Geneva

Our French Chef is a big fan of the “Chapon de Noel” or the Christmas Capon which is prepared from the well-known Bresse poulets. Did you know that these premium chickens are treated like fine wine? They have an appellation which clearly defines the zone they came from, the breed and the rearing conditions which give right to its title. And if you would like to try this speciality there’s an easy way – you can find it on the menu at the Le Grill Restaurant.

Salvatore Marcello, Head Chef at Floor Two Il Vero Restaurant

Originally from Italy

Kempinski Chef

In Italy, there are several Christmas dishes that are slightly different, depending on the region. Salvatore is originally from Naples and for him a Christmas “must-have” is not Panetone, as you might expect, but it’s Struffoli. Struffoli are crunchy little deep-fried balls mixed with honey, cinnamon and orange peel that are sometimes served warm. For Salvatore without Struffoli it’s not Christmas!

So these are the typical dishes that can be found on the tables of our International Chefs during Christmas time. They all sound tasty, don’t they? Well, we are sure that right now you are also enjoying your traditional delicacies so go ahead, it’s Christmas and there is plenty of time for diets in 2014!

Merry Christmas and Bon Appétit, everyone!

25 Dec 2013

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