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Perch Fillets

So fresh, so local.. Everything you didn’t know about the popular Perch fish!

Le Lac Léman, known in most countries as Lake Geneva, is the largest alpine and subalpine lake in central Europe. Any idea how big an area it covers? It’s approximately 580 sqm or the size of city of Madrid. This super clean lake, which is located right in front of the Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva is a big source of many local fish including trout, pike but the most popular fish of the lake is definitely perch.

Perch fillet, a typical local dish, is always a touchy subject. They are not easy to get from Lake Geneva. But through sheer perseverance, our Executive Chef James Norman, reached an agreement with one of the last local fishermen to supply the hotel with the hard to come by fish. Indeed, a minimum of 50kg of fresh perch is caught by hand each week to meet the demand of the hotel. And don’t forget: the best time to eat this delicacy is between November and April.

We didn’t have to think twice to decide which dish would be our hotel’s signature dish. Considering the proximity of the lake, the availability of fresh fish and the local traditions, the choice of Perch fillets Meunière style, hand caught from Lake Geneva with hand cut French fries was natural and easy.

Simple, fast and very tasty!

How to make Perch Fillet

If you want to know how to prepare the perch fillets dish on your own, just follow the instructions of our Executive Chef, James Norman. All you need is a few fillets of perch, some chopped shallots, parsley, lemon and butter. You heat a pan with a few drops of olive oil, lay the fillets skin side down, season with salt and pepper, add shallots and butter and wait until it turns the colour of hazelnuts. At the end add some fresh parsley and a few squeezes of lemon juice and it’s done!

It’s really easy! Even our General Manager, Thierry Lavalley, prepared our signature dish all by himself and we must say, he did very well! Want to see more? Then take a look at the video and enjoy!



6 Mar 2014

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