23 May 2014 | Marketing Geneva
Meet Sense Remember at Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva

A touch of magic behind memorable experiences? Yes, it's a smell!

Did you know that your nose can recognize around thousand different smells? Your sense of smell is actually the most powerful of your five senses. So powerful that it can affect 75% of your daily emotions and it can even affect your work performance. Isn't that incredible? A fragrance can enhance positive factors like happiness, sensuality, relaxation, and stimulation.

Knowing how important it is today for meeting planners to create lasting impressions for their participants, the Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva decided to create a new concept which is based on the power of senses: Meet, Sense, Remember!

Our MICE clients can choose from an à-la-carte menu of room fragrances: "Serenity", "Relax", "Concentrate", "Energize", Refresh" and "Oriental". A discreet, yet memorable scent complements the ambience and creates a signature framework for any kind of event. A choice of fragrances is an innovative addition to each meeting package. Naturally, all products are 100% essential and pure oils without dilutions, carrier oils or additives.

Meeting Rooms at Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva

Human beings tend to emphasize vision over all other senses, but our sense of smell is important enough to evoke its own form of ''déjà vu''. We assume that most of you have at least once experienced a moment when a faint fragrance brings back a nice memory to the forefront of your mind. And that's what we hope to deliver to all our clients - an unforgettable memory of the amazing time spent during an event at the Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva.

23 May 2014

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