7 May 2014 | Marketing Geneva
Kempinski Garden

4 simple rules: fresh, local, high quality and green friendly!

Our Executive Chef James Norman is a master of creativity. At the same time he has a passion for high quality products which come from local farmers. Welcome to his little kingdom of culinary surprises in the heart of Geneva!

One of his latest babies is our beautiful garden set on Il Vero’s terrace. Far from the first plantations with only aromatic herbs, this is a real garden: 30 metres (98 feet) long; where you can see more than 16 varieties of vegetables and fruits!

Kempinski Garden

Have you ever heard of a hotel having its own cows? Well, we have a few! Chef Norman selected a farm on the outskirts Geneva where a portion of its cows are exclusively dedicated to Kempinski production. Our ''Kempinski Cows'' supply us with dairy products such as cream, milk, yogurt, cheese and butter.

Kempinski Cows

Another brilliant idea of Chef Norman was to produce what is known as ''Urban Honey''. Using the apiary that we placed on the hotel’s rooftop, we can now produce our own honey and offer it as a VIP gift to our guests.

Kempinski Bees

Interested in learning which meat is served at our famous Le Grill Restaurant? Well naturally, it's 100% pure Swiss alpine beef!

We cannot forget to mention our signature dish, perch fillets, a typical local dish. Even though the number of fishermen in the region has decreased dramatically since the importation of fish is far less expensive; Chef Norman has managed to reach an exclusive partnership with local fishermen. At our hotel, the ''catch of the day'' literally means that our super fresh perch fillets are supplied on a daily basis from clean waters of Lake Geneva.

Kempinski Perches

From our ’’Kempinski Cows’’ and their dairy contributions to breakfast in the hotel, to perch caught in Lake Geneva, to our very own garden; Chef Norman and his team are proud to use the most creative and environmentally friendly ways to prepare the most delicious, locally harvested and authentic meals.

Share with us the excitement for local production, visit our restaurants and enjoy the Swiss touch on your own.


7 May 2014

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