13 Feb 2014 | Marketing Geneva
Bouche de Saint Valentine by Kempinski

How to create a chocolate smile, step-by-step

It’s all about love these days and at the Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva. When we think about love, we think about something sweet. When we think about something sweet, nothing comes quicker to mind than a tasty chocolate dessert. And what better to wake up that Valentine’s feeling in us than a “Bouche de Saint Valentine”, the must-have chocolate dessert which, without a doubt, is a perfect fit to this day.

We were interested to see how these simple and super delicious pralines were made. So we visited our pastry kitchen and followed our pastry chef, David Potier, to learn the whole process step-by-step. Have a look at it with us:

1. The ganache is the key to success.

Using only the very best ingredients, the first thing that he did was to heat a bowl of strawberry puree with sweet cream and a few pieces of fresh basil to give it a tasty zest. Once the mixture was warm enough, he is poured, this delicious cream, onto several pieces of rich, Valrhona dark chocolate which melted nicely from the heat of the mixture. Finally, he is added a bit of butter, just to make the ganache even creamier. At that moment it was really hard to resist putting our fingers into the bowl and have a taste.

Bouche de Saint Valentine by Kempinski

2. The final step is making the pralines.

Do you wonder how we got that red colour onto those chocolate lips? Well, it’s pretty simple. All that’s needed to do is mix some cacao butter with food colouring and to spray it over a chocolate mould. Then comes the filling part. Pure dark chocolate is poured all around the mould to cover all the sides, reserving the remaining chocolate for the finishing. Next, the ganache is slowly poured into each mould section and at the end each section is covered with reserved melted dark chocolate.

Bouche de Saint Valentine by Kempinski

Voilà! Our crunchy little chocolate lips are ready. We couldn’t wait any longer and had to taste them right after they cooled down. We must admit, we all had a big chocolate smile on our faces right after our first bite. Yes, that’s how good they are. If you want to try these little delights too, join us for the Valentine’s Day dinner at Il Vero or Le Grill Restaurant. Each couple will receive a small gift from us: a little box with “Bouche de Saint Valentine”.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!


13 Feb 2014

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