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Fete de la Musique Geneva2

Live concerts everywhere you look... Fête de la Musique takes place next weekend!

In just a few days Geneva will be transformed into one big musical stage, offering hundreds of concerts all around the city. Fête de la Musique starts on Friday, 20 June and continues until Sunday, 22 June. Be ready for some classical melodies, as well as a wide range of modern music, including rock, pop and hip-hop, which will be heard from every corner of this beautiful city. And it's all free!

When we say hundreds, we mean exactly 558 concerts that will be held in more than 30 venues on both banks of Lake Geneva. Furthermore, you can enjoy several dance shows, workshops and exhibitions, mainly happening in Park Beaulieu. Some cinemas will also be screening movies about music free of charge. To not miss any of your favourite bands, be sure to check the schedule here.

The ''Play me, I'm yours'' (Jouez, je suis à vous) initiative will serve as a warm up to the event. Starting 9 June, this international project will last until 22 June and will include 45 pianos being distributed throughout the streets, parks and squares of Geneva for the public to play and enjoy.

An addition to this extremely popular event is a series of night piano shows called, ''Piano at Night''. These little concerts last for about an hour and always start at 11pm during weekdays. Do you fancy some jazz? Come to the Place de Nations in the front of the United Nations on Tuesday, 17 June. Do you prefer a chanson? Then we'll see you in the English Gardens on Wednesday, 18 June. And if you are a fan of classical music with lovely tones of violins, be sure to be in front of the Grand Theatre on Thursday, 19 June.

Fête de la Musique also represents the beginning of the summer festival season in the city, which brings crowds of tourists to Geneva. It's followed by the famous ''Fêtes de Geneve'' which is one of the highlights of the summer in Geneva. To not miss any information, stay tuned and follow this space!


11 Jun 2014

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