16 Apr 2014 | Marketing Geneva
Chocolate 4

Raise your hand if you like chocolate!

Is there actually somebody who didn’t do so? Well, everybody loves chocolate and whoever says they don’t, is probably lying ;) It is scientifically proven that eating chocolate can significantly influence one’s mood, generally leading to an increase in pleasant feelings and a reduction of tension. Additionally, simply smelling chocolate increases one’s theta brain waves, which can trigger relaxation. This means that chocolate is not a food, it’s literally a medicine!

Since we care about your health, we decided to dedicate the month of April to chocolate delights. And when we talk about chocolate, there is no limit! Each weekend, we serve over 50 different chocolate creations for you to savour. Our ''all you can eat'' chocolate corner at the FloorTwo Lounge offers a wide range of treats from chocolate cakes, creamy desserts, cupcakes or muffins to chocolate pralines, macaroons, lollipops, éclairs, as well as our signature hot chocolate. So come and join our chocolate feast!

Chocolate Lounge

The Easter is just around the corner so we could not wait to create something unique based on chocolate. The choice was easy – a giant Easter egg. Though the task was pretty challenging, our pastry team, led by Pastry Chef David Potier, was able to successful make one. The hardest part was creating the chocolate shell. Thin layers of melted chocolate had to be added one at a time using only a brush. This process had to be repeated several times in order to get the necessary thickness. You can be sure that the process required lots of patience! After nearly 30 minutes, the chocolate was carefully removed from the mould with much attention focused on not breaking the egg. The final and the easiest step was to assemble the halves and decorate the egg.

Easter Egg Kempinski Geneva

If you are interested in seeing this giant egg, you can check it out for yourself at our FloorTwo Lounge. To make it even more fun, we decided to create a little competition for you. Guess how many kilograms of chocolate we used to create this egg and win a voucher for 2 at our famous Sunday Brunch. A little hint: it’s more than 50 kg!



16 Apr 2014

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