6 Feb 2014 | Marketing Geneva
The Kempinski Dessert of the Year

Challenge accepted!

Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva is getting ready for the annual internal Kempinski contest titled “The Kempinski Dessert of the Year”.

It is, once again, the time of year when the pastry kitchen gets a bit busier as preparations for the popular competition reach the final stages. Pastry chefs are re-thinking every detail, experimenting with various flavours and ingredients, comparing tastes, and re-checking the whole process. Well, the reason is simple: there can only be one winning dessert and it will be offered at all Kempinski properties throughout 2014, thus representing a great honour for the winning pastry chef.

The Kempinski Dessert of the Year contest was established in 2012. It has quickly become a tradition which unites the individual landmark properties of the chain by a common signature dessert. It is also a platform for more than 60 creative and talented pastry chefs to shine. Each hotel can nominate only one pastry chef and one dessert that includes ingredients that are available in all parts of the world and easy to get all year long.

So, what is the qualifying dessert which David Potier, Pastry Chef at Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva, created only for this competition? Its name is PASSIFLORA and as he says, it’s a delicious combination of high quality milk chocolate with sweet and slightly tangy freshness of passion fruit.

Kempinski Chef

It consists of several layers. A base, which includes toasted hazelnuts and pieces of rich dark chocolate, is covered with delectable cream of passion fruit, on which is resting a light mousse made out of the well-known Valrhona milk chocolate. Finished with a white chocolate glaze and decorated with pieces of gold and chocolates, this dessert is ready to be savoured by Kempinski guests all around the world.

Kempinski Chef

2012 was the year of ‘Lady in Red’ and, as all of you surely remember, 2013 belonged to ‘Bosphorale’. So what will be the 2014 dessert of the year? The answer is not enclosed yet as the final decision will be announced only in March, during the world's largest tourism trade fair - ITB Berlin.

We will definitely keep you posted and until then, keep your fingers crossed for Passiflora!

6 Feb 2014

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