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10 tips to stay fit that don’t take more than 10 minutes of your day

We are back with a bunch of tips & tricks about how to stay in shape and how to feel healthier and happier by following advice from your Olympian Cédric Grand. As he mentioned in his last blog posting, it’s really essential to do some exercise - at least 10 or 20 minutes every day.

Here is Cédric’s list of some well-known and very effective workouts. Why not make a routine out of them?


While going out for a walk with your dog or picking up your newspapers take a run for 10 minutes and change the intensity of running. It really makes the difference!

Walking or biking

Don’t go to work by car or public transport one day a week. Just walk or take out your bicycle instead!

Sit ups

A series of 4 or 5 styles of crunches in 3 circuits will not only help your belly look better but also make you feel happier once you see the effect. The result is worthy even though the beginnings are a bit painful.

Push ups

On knees or toes, however you like! Lower your body as low as possible and try out 3 series of 5 or 15 push-ups each.


Use the time when you are waiting for your coffee or breakfast to be done and do 10 or 20 squats in 2 or 3 series. Squat as low as you can and keep your legs in 90° degree.

Jumping Jacks

Yes, everybody knows them. It’s an easy exercise, gives you energy and makes you sweat after only a few circuits. Start with 20-25 jumping jacks and feel free to combine them with any other quick exercise.


This is a very effective exercise that involves all muscles and doesn’t take you more than 5 minutes. Start with one minute, take a break and try another session. Can you manage to stay longer than 1 minute? Even better!


Are you more into the stretching style of exercise? Make a few ‘sun salutations’ after you wake up or before you go to bed. 4 or 5 circuits will be enough.

Stairs instead of lifts

Exactly, while waiting sometimes more than 5 minutes for a free lift you could easily manage a few floors by foot. Do it and see how much better you are going to feel afterwards.


Everybody loves dancing. Turn the volume on your radio up while you are cooking or cleaning your flat and DANCE. Definitely fun!

You see? It’s an easy way busy people can stay fit in less than 10 minutes a day. Try these workouts, any of these will blast calories and burn fat. And don’t forget to mix them up. Your body is very adaptable and it’s scientifically confirmed that after two weeks, your body doesn’t feel the difference anymore. So combine it, it’s much more fun anyway. Also, bear in mind the advice given by Cédric in our previous post.

Mix it up, be creative and have fun!

14 Jan 2014

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