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Our Signature Dish - ''Perch fillets Meunière style''

A typical local dish - one of Geneva’s classics - prepared with Kempinski style!

The mission: invention of a culinary trademark
The ingredients: fillets of perch hand caught from Lake Geneva, shallots, parsley, lemon and butter
The result: authentic and delicious perch fillets

Perch fillets at Grand Hotel Kempinski GenevaTo become a signature dish, a dish has to meet certain criteria: it has to be unique in its preparation, the ingredients must be of high quality and it has to have a local relation to the region.



Considering the proximity of the lake, the availability of fresh fish and the local traditions, selecting ''Perch fillets Meunière style'' as our original signature dish, was natural and easy.



While pan-fried perch is a typical local dish, reeling in this Lake Geneva favourite is difficult - mainly due to its rarity - as the number of fishermen in the Geneva area has decreased dramatically. Because of sheer perseverance, our Executive Chef was able to reach an exclusive partnering agreement with local fishermen for the supply of fish to the hotel. A minimum of 50kg of fresh perch is caught by hand each week to meet the demand of the hotel.

We would like to invite you to visit our FloorTwo Lounge and try our famous signature dish - ''Perch fillets Meunière style'' from Lake Geneva, served with hand cut French fries and salad for CHF 48.

"Back to Tradition" is our motto!

Would you like to learn more about how to prepare this tasty local dish and see our General Manager Thierry Lavalley preparing the perch fillets all by himself? Take a look at our blog and enjoy!