Spa Treatments

A wide range of treatments are on offer at the ASCARA Fitness & Spa Club in the Falkenstein Grand Kempinski. Select the one you prefer most from the following section and experience the ultimate in relaxation today. Contact us at +49 (0) 6174 909100 or via email at

The Ascara Fitness & Spa is open daily from 6.30 am to 11.00 pm.

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    Ascara Massages

    Adopting both classic and ancient techniques, our Ascara massages focus on relaxing your body’s muscles.

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    Ascara Body Treatments

    The body treatments at Ascara Fitness & Spa Club are designed to care not only for your body but also for your mind and soul.

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    Ascara Facials

    The facial treatments at the Ascara Fitness & Spa Club promote both internal and external beauty...

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    Ascara Man´s World

    A selection of exclusive beauty treatments are offered that specifically deal with the needs of men's skin. Come and discover our "Man's World"!

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    Ascara Hands & Feet

    Benefit from a full manicure or pedicure and distance yourself for a while from the rigors of daily life.

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