Free Internet Access

A life without the endless possibilities of the Internet? For business or private explorers no longer imaginable today. Too many information we receive only digitally on a daily basis and stay connected with our business clients, corporate partners, private friends and family. It is essential to have the opportunity to log in the world wide web as easy as possible and without further unreasonable costs involved. With us, at the Villa Rothschild Kempinski, you are online, for free!

Free Internet Access| Villa Rothschild Kempinski

A luxury hotel with exclusive service but no internet at the present time is hardly imaginable. In many cases, there are unpleasant costs involved - a thorn in the eye - but admittedly understandable if you only compare regular internet costs outide or at home. Therefore, we at Villa Rothschild Kempinski consciously decided to provide free Internet for our guests. Whether in the spacious suites or the elegant rooms of our gem, in the four historic meeting lounges or the lobby and outlets, even on the sun terrace of the hotel you can go online - at no extra cost.

So: Make use of the  Rothschild Internet every day 24 hours for yourself and the things that need to be done online. If you do need assistance when surfing within the online world, do not hesitate to contact our team at the reception of Villa Rothschild Kempinski. You can reach our team via +49 (0) 6174 29 08 0. If needed, our IT partner company is reachable in no time too to solve your problem quickly, comfortably and easily.