Commited Civic Dialogue

Engage in discussion with the Montagsgesellschaft at the Villa Rothschild Kempinski - awarded "Place of freedom and democracy in Germany" by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, well-known as the "House of countries" and "the cradle of the Federal Republic of Germany", the former summer residence of the Rothschild family pursues the objective still today to be a location for liberal, pioneering and controversial discussions.

With the 'Montagsgesellschaft' - a friendly society, that dedicated to committed civic dialogue, following the basic idea of the "Mittwochsgesellschaft" from 1863-1944, this goal is realised as partner and host for these monthly discussion forum.


The 'Montagsgesellschaft' comes together each last Monday of the month to discuss with insiders important topics from the fields economics and politics, culture and science. High-level speakers and guests at the 'Montagsgesellschaft' already included German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the current President Joachim Gauck, the German 4 Star General Hans-Lothar Domröse and the late former Minister of Defense Dr. Peter Struck. Likewise Eintracht boss Heribert Bruchhagen, Ambassadors and diplomats from Germany and abroad, columnist Michel Friedmann as well as NATO Director and retired Lieutenant General Mr. Ulrich Wolf stood for high quality discussions and dialogues with the members.

Further information from and about the 'Montagsgesellschaft' and current events can be found at Basically, the meetings are public and the inclusion in the guest upon request via email to As a non-profit organization the 'Montagsgesellschaft' is dependent on the support of its members. How to become a member and why a commitment is worth it, is also shown briefly and clearly on the website. Join the 'Montagsgesellschaft'!