Ever since the Middle Ages there has been evidence of wine growing at Schloss Reinhartshausen. Today modern and traditional wine making methods are harmonised to produce top quality wines in the old cellars of the castle.

Our 200 acre wine growing estate is privately owned and located in what is regarded as the best Riesling growing location in the world. Why not search for your favourites in our Vinothek?

You know the feeling: many conference participants tend to be a little uncomfortable with each other on the first evening. Conversations are very business centred around jobs, positions and colleagues, often missing the most creative atmosphere. You might consider a topic with many aspects that could help break the ice. Wine and its many themes entice one into the unique world of food and beverages, travels and experiences. A wine tasting at Schloss Reinhartshausen Kempinski creates a nice environment for an entertaining evening. A wine tasting among the vines, in the wine cellar, on the island Mariannenaue or coupled with a selected menu will be memorable.

Wine Barrels Schloss Reinhartshausen Kempinski

Wine Tasting in the Wine Cellar

Try a wine tasting at the vineyard. A wine expert will guide you through the historic and modern parts of the wine cellar.
During the tour you have the opportunity to taste 3 to 6 different wines or sparkling wines. You learn more about the vinification, the history of the Rheingau and the castle.

Torch Walk

Together with our guide you walk through the vines at night time. Every guest receives a torch to illuminate the way.
You have the chance to try different wines among the vineyards. The wine expert explains the speciality of our wines and is happy to answer all your questions.
Back at the hotel enjoy a nice dinner and end the day in the bar with a good glass of the castle's wine.

Culinary Wine Tasting

Experience a culinary wine tasting during a gourmet dinner in the "Historische Schloss Saal" or in one of our function rooms.

A wine expert explains the speciality of our vineyard and the extraordinary climate in the Rheingau. Selected wines accompany every course of the gourmet dinner.

Trip to the Mariannenaue

Take a boat trip to island "Mariannenaue".
The "Mariannenaue" is the largest island in the Rhine and protected as natural reserve. You will find an old farm, ancient trees and wine grapes of highest quality.
While exploring the island different wines can be tried. After your return you can find your favourites and a large variety of presents around the world of wine in the Vinothek. A selected menu at the hotel rounds up your day.

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