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Rheingau - Wine Growing Region

The region presents a wide selection of possibilities.

The world famous beauty spot, Loreley, should not be missed as well as the city Rüdesheim with its Drosselgasse.

The Rheingau is one of the 13 designated German wine regions producing quality wines. Although the Rhine only makes out 3% of the entire vineyard area in Germany, it houses wine producers of international reputation. The Rheingau region has 7 720 acres of vineyards, with nearly 80% Riesling grapes. 

Even though the Rhine district is significantly small in regards to other wine regions it is known mostly for the Riesling route starting at Flörsheim - Wicker (the Gate to the Rhine District) and ends at Lorchhausen or vice versa. The tour stretches for 70km and is beautiful to drive through. Along the route you will be able see some 13 forts and castles surrounding the Rhine valley, wonderful villas and cozy Pubs.

Explore and get lost to enjoy the wonders of the Rheingau.

Image Copyright: Kiedrich_Copyright Müringer