Schloss Reinhartshausen Kempinski - Region and Sightseeing

The Rheingau region presents a wide selection of possibilities.

Choose from shopping in Mainz, gambling at the casino in Wiesbaden, exploring the city of Rüdesheim and Eltville, biking through the vineyards or visiting one of the 13 castles and monasteries along the Rhine valley.

  • Rheihngau

    Rheingau - Wine Growing Region

    The region presents a wide selection of possibilities.

    The world famous beauty spot, Loreley, should not be missed as well as the city Rüdesheim with its Drosselgasse.

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    Eltville - The City of Roses and Gutenberg

    Eltville, known as the city of wine, champagne and roses, is just a 20 minute walk along the Rhine away.

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    Eberbach Abbey - Kloster Eberbach

    Kloster Eberbach was founded in 1136 by Bernard of Clairvaux as the first Cistercian monastery on the east bank of the Rhine, on the site of a previous monastic foundation of Adalbert of Mainz, which had been occupied at first by Augustinian canons and then by Benedictine monks, which had however failed to establish itself.

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    Kurhaus Wiesbaden

    Take a look at the Kurhaus in Wiesbaden.

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    Mainz - The city of Gutenberg

    Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of movable type printing, was born in Mainz.

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    Rheingau Musik Festival - Music & Literature at Historical Places

    International artists invite for great concerts ranging from classical music to rock.

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    Casino Wiesbaden

    Visit one of the oldest Casinos in Germany.

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