Massage Rituals

Discover the benefits of the best massage and well-being treatments in the world to recover the harmony of the body and the mind.

Energetic Foot Massage (20 minutes)

Massage of the major acupressure points of the soles of the feet to restore the body’s equilibrium.


Scalp and Face Massage (20 minutes): 

Massage of the reflex areas on the face and head, following the Japanese AMMA technique, to provide relaxation and vitality.


Relaxing Leg Massage (20 minutes): 

Toning and draining massage, favouring blood circulation and acting on leg muscles, following an ayurvedic tradition, to restore lightness and vitality.


Relaxing Back Massage (20 minutes):

Massage focusing on the back, nape and trapezius muscles, releasing accumulated tension, for total relaxation.


Balinese Massage (50 minutes):

Following a Ritual from Bali, relaxing massage with “Tropical Nuts Melting Balm”, combining Thaï gentle pulling and smoothing traditional movements.


Traditional Oriental Massage (50 minutes):

Relaxing massage with hot oil, following a tradition from North Africa.


Ayurvedic Massage (50/80 minutes):

Following a thousand-year-old Indian Ritual, a tonic and muscular & massage with hot sesame oil, defining the tension areas in order to restore energy and vitality.


Sublime Massage from Polynesia (50/80 minutes):

A unique massage inherited from Polynesian Island healers and inspired by Lomi-Lomi, which uses deeply pressure from the forearms on the back, in long continuous movements, for an instant release and restore energy.


Shiatsu Massage (50 minutes, clothed without oil):

Japanese massage that literally means “finger pressure”, acting on the circulation of all the energy in the body to restore balance and vitality.