Spa Treatments

Rest, relax and rejuvenate at Cinq Mondes Spa in Dubai at Kempinski Hotel Palm Jumeirah. Our experienced therapists will remove the knots from your neck with the best in Dubai massages and put a spring in your step with relaxing ‘ritual’ treatments. Enjoy treats from full body massages to moisturising wraps while the soothing environment melts your stress away.

Spa is open daily from 10 AM to 10 PM

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    Spa Ritual Stays

    Discover a selection of the best treatments and massages of Cinq Mondes through Spa Experience Rituals, Revivifying Beauty Rituals, Serenity Rituals, Sources of Energy Rituals, Best Cinq Mondes Rituals, Bliss for Two Rituals and Slimming and Firming Rituals.

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  • Cinq Mondes Spa Kempinski Hotel Palm Jumeirah Dubai

    Treatment Rituals and Well-Being at the Spa

    Discover a selection of the best treatments for your well-being at Cinq Mondes through”Ko Bi Do“ Imperial Youthful Ritual, Royal Ritual from Siam, Revivifying Tropical Ritual, Celestial Day, Bliss for Two Ritual

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    Bath Rituals and Body Treatmens

    Preparatory treatments are perfect before a massage or a face-care massage, allowing total relaxation of the body and the mind. Welcoming Ceremony, Aromatic Scrub with Spices, ”Papaya Puree“ Radiance Scrub, Sublime Scrub with Monoï Noni, Angel Hands Care-Massage and Light Feet Care-Massage...

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    Treatment Rituals - Face

    Personalized to each skin type, our facial massage-treatments combine the efficiency of CINQ MONDES ’Dermapuncture’ or the ‘acupuncture gesture without needles’ and the performance of natural professional products (biological substances, patented active ingredients)for a youthful face and to relax the entire body.

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  • Cinq Mondes Spa Kempinski Hotel Palm Jumeirah Dubai

    Massage Rituals

    Discover the benefits of the best massage and well-being treatments in the world to recover the harmony of the body and the mind.

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    Treatment Rituals Slimming and Firming

    ”Udvartana Cream“ Slimming Indian Ritual, ”Coffee Cream“ Slimming Brazilian Ritual, Slimming & Firming Subscription packages...

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