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Top 7 Unusual Things To Do In Dubai: Do Something Out of Ordinary

When people first hear about Dubai, they usually hear about the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah the man-made island (where Kempinski Hotel & Residences Palm Jumeirah is located) or the world’s largest shopping mall. Needless to say these attractions are definitely worth the visit if you’re touring Dubai, but if you’re looking to do something a little more unique then check out the list below that our concierge has compiled just for you. All comfort levels have been taken into consideration, so if you’re not up for a hair-raising experience, not to worry we’ve added in some quirky attractions that will keep you satisfied, if you’re an adrenaline junkie though, we’ve got you covered!


1) Lime & Tonic: Dine in a secret location with complete strangers

Chef Tomas Reger in collaboration with Lime&Tonic host this secret supper club once every month in an undisclosed location. A bus picks guests up from pre-determined location and shuffles them to the secret dinner. Previous events have involved a Venetian carnival and cinematic themes to name a few. More at www.limeandtonic.com/dubai


2) Gravity Zone: Bungee jumping off a crane

Camel Polo in Dubai - Dubai Polo Club

Throw yourself off a platform suspended by a crane with only a bungee cord attached to save you – did we mention the platform is 50m above the ground? Head to Gravity Zone to get your adrenaline rushing. More at www.gravityzone.co


3) Play polo – Arabic style

Bungee jumping in Dubai - Gravity Zone

By this we mean on a camel! It’s exactly how it sounds – grab a mallet and climb aboard this desert animal, while trying to hit the ball around the pitch for a win at Dubai Polo Club. More at www.poloclubdubai.com


4) Dive into the Arabian Gulf in search of pearls

Pearl diving in Dubai

Climb aboard a dhow and set sail to a secluded and protected cove where experts will have you fetching oysters from the bottom of the sea! You could surface with a naturally-grown pearl in your hands, which is yours to keep. More at dubai.travel-culture.com


5) Have a drink in icy surroundings even if you’re in sunny Dubai

Chill Out lounge in Dubai

Chill out, literally, in this bar that is constructed from ice! Temperatures are usually at -6°C at Chill Out Bar; don’t worry though coats are provided in case it gets a little too frosty. More at www.chilloutatdubai.com


6) Watch quirky theatrical performances 43 stories up at The Act Dubai.

Originating in Las Vegas, you know this theatre/club is definitely going to be a little over the top (anything from Vegas usually is!) Located over two levels, The Act is the world’s highest theatre club, holding weekly performances by acts flown in from around the world including Germany, USA, UK and Italy.


7) Skydive Dubai: Skydive over the Palm Jumeirah or over the desert

SkydiveDubai - Skydiving in Dubai

Jump out of a plane at SkyDive Dubai, with a professional jumper attached to you and one in front to film the entire experience. By the way, you can spot Kempinski Hotel & Residences on Palm Jumeirah from up there! For those who want to experience it the second time, SkydiveDubai offers jumps over the desert too. More at www.skydivedubai.ae

What are other unusually interesting things to do in Dubai, if we missed some, please share yours with us in the comments.


3 Oct 2013

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    haha..playing polo sitting on camels can be a great fun... nice post :)

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